Soft Skills named Zoho CRM Certified Consultants

Zoho Certified Consultant IIWell, we did it – we met the significant requirements of the Zoho CRM Certified Consultant Program – 1 of 59 in the world, 1 of 16 in the US.

From Zoho’s Certified CRM Consultant Page:

“Looking for a qualified and experienced CRM consultant? The Zoho CRM Certified Consultant program has selected partners who have demonstrated the skill and knowledge necessary to ensure that your CRM project is managed and implemented professionally and cost effectively. Feel free to contact any of our partners below for more information on their qualifications and services.

In plain English, it means we’ll work with you to deploy the sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Zoho Suite of Cloud Apps to improve your Sales Team’s Efficiency and Effectiveness. Together we’ll increase the close rate, improve your marketing efforts through Web Forms, Live web chat, Email marketing & Surveys, and give your sales team the tools they’ll want to use on their phones and tablets. We’ll eliminate every excuse you’ve ever heard for not using the software.

We employ formal methodology to analyze your processes, uncover areas of improvement, and get buy-in from all active participants.

After 20 years representing an On Premises Contact Manager (Rolodex), we’re proud to have moved on to a true Cloud-based CRM, from a privately held company that actually plans and executes for the long term.

Call us today! +1 800.305.4888 or visit us on the web at or

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