Soft Skills named Zoho Creator Certified Developer

I’m excited to announce that I am now a Zoho Creator Certified Developer. When combined with my existing Zoho CRM Certified Consultant and Zoho Advanced Solution Provider certifications, I now have what I like to call the Zoho Trifecta. With Zoho Creator, I am able to build ‘Line of Business’ applications to fulfill the specific needs of businesses where no viable or affordable off-the-shelf solution exists. I am currently developing a custom merchandising application for a client that will be used by their 1,000+ ambassadors to get their assignments, learn their products, log the results, submit expenses, upload photos of their work and get paid via ACH. They’ll access the application on their smartphones and tablets along with their personal computers. This application will replace an aging, last-generation solution built on a popular, though unacceptably expensive cloud CRM. It will cut their subscription costs in half, add ACH and Accounting functions for a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions, enable smartphone and tablet access, and add expense receipt image uploading, and provide a solution that the client will even be able to maintain, enhance, update and extend.

Zoho Creator Apps run in any browser, on all popular devices and can connect to other Zoho apps, like CRM, Books and Invoice, along with external commercial software, using industry standard APIs. Do you have a challenge in your business that no software seems to address? Call me to explore ways in which we can solve those problems and improve your productivity.

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